Monday, January 28, 2008

CSA week nine - maple-mustard glazed squash

I've had maple-mustard sauces before, so I figured something along those lines would work. I improvised this as I went along.

2 Tablespoons country Dijon mustard (or something more rustic and German if you've got some)
1 Tablespoons grade B maple syrup
2 Tablespoons pumpkin lager
1/2 teaspoon vulcan salt
pepper to taste
(all measurements are guesses; I didn't actually measure anything.)

1 yellow summer squash, in 1 inch slices
1/4 red onion, sliced thin

1 pork chop, brined
Spice House Bavarian seasoning to coat
2 sprinkles of flour, one for each side

fry pork chop in non-stick pan using a bit more oil than you normally would. (Normally I'd use a cast iron pan, but I'm going to be reducing a glaze with some vinegar in it which would adversely effect the pan's seasoning.)

When done, remove chop to plate, cover in foil and place in 200 degree oven to keep warm.

Mix glaze

Add onion and squash to pan. Cook at medium for a couple minutes to soften the onions. Raise heat and cook briefly on just below high to get some color on the squash without overcooking the onions.

Turn down heat to medium low, remove pan from heat, wait a few moments, add glaze to pan, stir to coat squash, return to heat, cover and let steam for two to three minutes depending on how cooked your squash is at this point (I slightly overcooked mine).

Remove cover and cook briefly to thicken glaze. Serve with the pork chop. Optionally, you could forgo the pork chop and and crumble a crisp slice of bacon over the squash instead. Or you could do without pork entirely, I suppose if you really wanted to.

I would have served this with buttered egg noodles sprinkled with a bit more of the Bavarian seasoning, but I had some leftover rice from lunch.

I really like how the glaze turned out and it compliments both the squash and the pork very nicely. It's not an exceptionally inspired dish given the rather standard constellation of flavors, but I'm just having dinner here not running an avant garde restaurant so I'm fine with that.

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