Saturday, January 26, 2008

CSA farm subscription - week nine

It's another week without star players in the share likely due to the "growing gap" mentioned in the Farm News section of the newsletter. Still, there's plenty here to work with.

The green leaf lettuce goes into the refrigerator next took the untouched head of lettuce from last week and a nearly untouched head from the week before. I'm just not a salad sort of guy. Unfortunately, none of them are the right sort of lettuce soup or wraps, so there's no clever way around it, it's salad for me once those tomatoes ripen.

Next up are collards. Not enough here for a proper recipe, but I think the kale wrap recipe I came across last week should work fine with collards. That should use up some of the scallions from last week which I put in the wrong refrigerator drawer and completely forgot about.

Then there are the ponkans and tangerines; I don't know which are which, but it doesn't really matter as I've already juiced the lot of them. Then I chopped up a carambola (along with a second one I picked up at a Slow Food event after picking up my share), removed seeds as best I could, and threw them all in the blender and forced the results through a strainer. The combination is a bit bit too bright, I think. I'll have to add banana or strawberries or the like to add a base and balance the flavors.

Just one squash, so I'll just fry that up as a side dish.

Finally, the canistel. Last week's, I smooshed up with a spoonful of sugar and a spash of rum, both of which keep frozen fruit pulp smooth. I spooned the pulp into a plastic bag and smoothed it out into a sheet that I can easily break chunks off of for smoothies. I've got to disagree with this week's featured recipe; I've made a couple smoothies with it so far and the one where I used just juice had better texture and more interesting flavors than the one I made with milk. I'll experiment a bit more, but that's my initial assessment. If I find a combination I really like I'll use this week's the same way. If not, I may go with a canistel/sweet potato pie.

I hope there's something inspiring in next week's share; I'll have a tough time keeping my readers at this rate.

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