Saturday, January 19, 2008

CSA farm subscription - week eight

An interesting share this week as there are a lot of supporting players but nothing to take the lead role in a dish. Kale could do it, but not with just four leaves. I may have to go buy more for a recipe. Or I wonder if they can be used as wraps for steaming.

The dill gave me an excuse to throw out the dill from a few weeks ago but I have as little to do with this as I did with that. I'm just insufficiently fond of the flavor.

The lettuce, along with the leftovers from last week's romaine is only really suitable for salads. I tried serving sauce-heavy dishes over the romaine as a substitute for rice or some other starch, but that only seems to work well with baby greens.

The pepper I think I'll stuff. I have an interesting idea for a Moroccan-flavored stuffing that should work nicely.

Some of the scallions I'd like to use in the spice-crusted beef recipe I mentioned a few days ago. I might just keep the rest in reserve as uses for scallions do come up.

That leaves the canistel and the sapote. One of those is going to some ice cream. The mamey sapote ice cream I made before didn't turn out fabulously because I treated it like a banana, but it didn't have the unusual chemical properties bananas have that substitute for fat. I'll have to treat it more like a standard fruit ice cream and make a compote to add to a vanilla base. I have the feeling I'm going to be waiting a while, though. Can any of you tell me how long these things take to ripen?

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