Saturday, January 5, 2008

CSA farm subscription - week six

This is what happens when I start complaining about too much greens--a week with barely any at all. The bag of spinach in my freezer is going to make a poor substitute.

Still, there is some chard. I think I'll use it in a sausage and white bean soup. The Tuscan version uses fennel too and since I picked that out of the extras bin (having finally remembered to check the newsletter first so I don't grab something I'm already getting too much of) I'm leaning in that direction.

The lemongrass and cilantro mean I'll be making something Sumatran or Javanese, probably a stew. I have an interesting Javanese recipe for the cauliflower too, or I may end up pickling those (after discretely disposing of the results of last week's pickling misadventure).

The daikon and turnips I think I'll use together in some Dim Sum-style turnip cakes. A restaurant near my work has been taunting me with turnip cakes on the menu but not actually available for months. I've been looking at recipes and it seems easier to make than I expected and it's a New Year's tradition, so there's that going for it. Both of these came without their greens attached. If anyone from Worden Farm is reading, I'm curious what happened to all those greens.

Finally, there's those carambolas. Smoothies, I guess.

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trina from miami dish said...

If you did end up making those turnip cakes and they were not too difficult, I would love to know the recipe!