Saturday, March 5, 2011

That was no turnip!

When I sliced into my supposed turnip and discovered it was red inside I checked the newsletter. Only the full shares got turnips; What I had was a watermelon radish. No need to change my plans, I figured. Radish chips are no weirder an idea than turnip chips.

One thin slicing and deep frying later, here's the result:

For the most part, after all that frying, it doesn't really matter what root vegetable you started with, particularly when you cook them just a little too long like I did, but the slightly undercooked ones retained a little of that distinctive cooked-turnip sweetness which, combined with the savoriness from the browning and the crisp crunch, made them pretty darn good. If you're careful, this is a pretty good application.

I just did a quick Google and found that I'm the second person to come up with this and post about it. Jane Spice took hers out of the fryer at the right time. Yours should look like hers do.

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