Saturday, March 19, 2011

CSA week 14 wrap-up, week 15 start-up

The only thing out last week's box that I've posted about is the hoja santa so I've got a fair bit unaccounted for. For the most part I did what I said I would last week. I made chips from the kale, which turned out a bit disappointingly as I overloaded the pans so they cooked unevenly. And I did do something interesting with the spring onions and dandelions as I had hoped--it's interesting enough for its own post which I'll probably have up tomorrow. I found a curry for the dill too, but I had it slated to make on Friday and I wasn't feeling it. I'll try to get to that soon. The tatsoi, on the other hand, I completely forgot about and only rediscovered as I was putting this week's share away. I intend to do a stir fry using it, this week's oyster mushrooms and the lobster tail I picked up at the market this morning. Probably with black bean sauce; that should go nicely with those ingredients.

What else have we got this week? I left the lettuce behind as I've already got a head sitting untouched in my refrigerator from two weeks back. No sense wasting another.

I want to do a French leek pie or possibly use the leeks in a beef barley soup. I haven't settled on that.

Mizuna's always tricky to deal with. Maybe a pesto? Probably with noodles one way or another.

Parsley will find itself used, so no worries there.

I want to make the baked chicken with cherry tomatoes recipe again as it was so very easy and so very good last time. If I can stop snacking on the tomatoes, I'll do that.

I've already mentioned my plans for the mushrooms so that just leaves the collards. They're so large I'm thinking they'd be really good to stuff. Just what with, I'm not sure yet, though. I could also see making hopping john as it's been some years since I've had that. We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

So happy someone else is having as hard a time as we are making something with everything in our boxes! I've been feeling so bad about not keeping up. You inspire us with your creations! Thanks for blogging!

billjac said...

I really appreciated the option of taking weeks off that Margie used to offer. It helped to have the extra time to deal with an accumulated backlog, empty some space in a full freezer or just recover from burnout by going out to dinner a few times. I've got the second problem right now; It's hard to cook a big batch of something knowing I've got no storage containers left and nowhere to put them if I did.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for the comment. I've had nothing but spam comments for a while now and it's nice to get some real feedback.