Saturday, March 12, 2011

CSA week 13 wrap-up, week 14 start-up

I have to say I appreciated not having too much produce to deal with this last week. I usual need a break around this time of the season. The only thing I made worth mentioning beyond the beet chili and radish chips is a radish-top pizza--


Pretty good if you don't mind a little bitterness. The radish-tops were just hearty enough to wilt but not crisp during the 7 minutes in the oven so I was pretty happy with the resulting texture.

Lots to deal with this week and I don't think I'm going to be able to take the easy way out and make chips. Well, maybe with the kale.

If I don't make kale chips, I'll probably save the kale for later. It freezes quite well and is pretty versatile if you slice it thin.

I'm thinking of cooking the dandelion greens with the spring onions which should caramelize up nicely if I can get my stove to cooperate. I know I've gone to that flavor combination several times previously, but it is really good. I will try to do something a little different with it this time around, though.

I've got a shrimp and tomatillo recipe picked out for the hoja santa and a curry for the dill. That leaves the tatsoi which should make a nice addition to noodle soup or maybe fried rice. It seems sturdy enough to handle a stir fry without collapsing.

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