Saturday, March 22, 2008

CSA farm subscription - week seventeen

Well, my lazy week rapidly turned into my eating very badly week which then transformed into my lying in bed quite ill week. Perhaps it was a case of fresh produce withdrawal.

I'm still not feeling my best so when I look at this week's share I'm less inspired than somewhat queasy. Luckily, the only item out of the box that needs immediate attention is the callaloo. I think I've seen salt beef at Publix so I should be able to make Jamaican Pepper Pot soup (Urgh. I can't think about food now. I need a lie down. More later...)

OK, I feel a bit better now. I learned recently that dill is part of a traditional herb mix from Barbados so I'd like to use the fresh dill in that, probably with fish.

The squash isn't big enough to stuff (which I wanted to do two weeks ago but got sidetracked by the zucchini salad). I have an interesting Turkish zucchini fritter recipe that should work well enough with the squash substituted in.

That leaves the staples: lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. The potatoes I'm going to save; they really aren't very healthy, organic or not, so I don't want to eat a bunch all at once. They should store fine in the pantry. The onions and tomatoes I'm sure I'll find some use for without much effort. The lettuce I took in a spirit of pure optimism. Maybe I'll make another version of lettuce soup or maybe I'll just hold onto it for a while to occasionally look upon with regret.

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