Saturday, March 29, 2008

CSA farm subscription - week eighteen

Now that's the most interesting batch of vegetables we've seen in a while. My first thought, looking at the cabbage, turnips and the potatoes from last week is to make something Irish. My second thought is that I've had that first thought before and somehow never got around to doing anything about it. Probably because Irish cooking mainly involves boiled cabbage, turnips and potatoes. Still, I'll take another look and see what I can come up with.

OK, I've had my look and I didn't care much for what I saw so nix on the Irish cuisine unless some nouvelle variation presents itself. I know the trend exists but it's so new I can't find any recipes that have filtered out.

Upon consideration, the bigger issue here is that we've got a load of winter vegetables just as the weather is about to turn tropical. This requires either thought or cranking up the air conditioner.

The other notable item today is the dandelion greens. They, along with ramps and garlic chives, are part of that questionable trend in gourmet circles of selling weeds at $20 a pound. I have no experience in dealing with them as I've never voluntarily bought any. But now that I find a fair amount of dandelion greens thrust upon me, I find that they're just another bitter semi-robust green not far distinguished from last weeks escarole. So it's the sauté pan or soup pot for them, then.

That leaves the parsley, mushrooms and peppers. Hmm...that sounds like a steak topping. I haven't had a steak in quite some time and I suppose if this is a week for hearty Winter fare now's as good a time as any for it.

Finally, we've got the star apples. They were OK fresh, but nothing too exciting. There's an interesting Filipino sherbet recipe I saw or maybe a sorbet with lime.

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