Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week five start-up addendum

I completely forgot that I'm going to be out of town the latter half of this week including next Saturday. Since we can't put holds on the shares any more, do any of you want, or know somebody who might want, my next half-share? I pick up at the Coral Gables location.

I'll ask around at work too, but I've never found a taker there before so I'm not expecting to this time either.



June said...

We'll take it off your hands! We can even keep some things for you if you want.

June said...

However, if you fin a taker that doesn't already get a box feel free to give it to them instead :)

billjac said...

Great! If nobody comes forward at work then it's yours. I'll let you know.

sandrine said...

my friends in CG would like to try the CSA before they try to sign up next year so if you have a box that you don't want let me kwow so they can try it. Happy new year!

billjac said...

That meets Junes criterion of someone who doesn't already have a box and I neglected to ask around at work today so you have no competition. Seems we have a winner! Sandrine, go ahead and let your friends know they can pick up a half share at Whisk at 4702 Lejeune Rd. And do please check back in and let me know what they thought.

Matthew said...

ooo, looks like I just missed it!

I'm in the same boat as Sandrine; I'd love to try a CSA box before I sign up for a share.

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