Saturday, January 30, 2010

CSA week seven wrap-up, week eight start-up

I thought my canistel meatball post would generate a bit more comment. Ah well. Other than that, for week seven, the greens went into the noodle dish I posted about and the avocado and one of the tomatoes went into bacon-avocado-tomato sandwiches. The other tomatoes are still waiting for marching orders; The cabbage I haven't touched; and the black sapote was only ripe when I got back from my trip so I'll be using it today. Oh, nearly forgot the celery; there's that too. That's quite a bit, isn't it?

Week eight, then.

Starting in the bottom right corner for a change, you can see that the broccoli has a sallow tinge to it. That's just going to get worse so I'd better use it today. Unless something else occurs to me in the next few hours, I'll serve it over ziti with lots of garlic and maybe some tomato.

The komatsuna above that I'll likely have with some of the leftover cabbage in a yakisoba.

The breakfast radishes are best with butter and salt on good bread. The tops I'll add to one of the two pasta dishes I just mentioned.

I just ate one of the tangerines and was disappointed that it didn't have much flavor. At least it wasn't bitter like the clementines were. I'm thinking of juicing the other one, but I think I've got a salad recipe for the grapefruit.

The spring onions I bet would be good grilled. I'm not sure where to go from there, though.

The parsley isn't enough to worry about. I tend to heavily garnish with it so it goes quickly.

The lettuce maybe I'll actually use this time, but I wouldn't bet on it. If I don't I'll start leaving lettuce in the extras bin; I don't like seeing them go to waste like that.

And finally, the avocado. This looks like the same sort as last time which had good flavor and texture so at least we're ending avocado season on a high note. I'm thinking ceviche with it since I haven't made that in a while. Or fish tacos with the mahi mahi I've got in the freezer. That might be nice too.

I'll have to think of something for the celery too; I do want to use it this week. I think I've got a braise recipe around somewhere for it. I'll have to dig it out.


gretchencs said...

Love your detailed recipes! And simple radishes + bread + butter is as good as it gets.

billjac said...

Thanks! I try to put in enough detail so people can not just follow my recipes but also see where they might want to change them.

I also try not to make complicated recipes just for the sake of something to post. If a simple preparation serves the ingredient best, like with breakfast radishes, that's the way to go.

Sandrine said...

The tangerines were indeed tasteless, but at least they were sweet. :-)

LaDivaCucina said...

Bill, try roasting the radishes and then putting them in with the sauteed greens over pasta. I used a smoke chicken apple sausage and the sweetness really lightened the bitter notes from the radish. And of course roasting seems to mellow everything out!

I found that even after sitting out for days, the tomatoes didn't really ripen and were still white inside. I roasted two yesterday with garlic and made a rustic putanesca sauce and served it over grilled swordfish with polenta. REALLY GOOD, you would have never known the tomatoes were not ripe as they did sweeten up from the oven.

billjac said...

I'm all for cooking other sorts of radishes, but breakfast radishes are best raw. I'll save your idea for when we get another sort.

My tomatoes weren't quite as bad off as yours, but I agree they're better cooked than raw. They're so meaty, the make a pretty good sauce as they collapse. I'll bet they fry up well too.