Saturday, October 20, 2007

This was another Bee Heaven Farm subscription week. They're still in the Summer set-up where you pick and pay for individual items; The pre-paid box-of-stuff system doesn't start until mid-November.

Against my better judgment, I got another tilapia. Here it is, straight from the ice bin:

I'm getting better at scaling and I remembered to take out the gills this time. Since the foil packet method of cooking almost worked last time, I figured I'd give it another shot, this time flipping the packet halfway through.

I went with a Carribean spice rub, stuffed it with limes, onion and ginger, surrounded it with garlic chives and some spinach and poured on a splash of rum for steaming.

All very pretty, and it cooked up nicely, tender and moist so it slipped right off the bones. But the bones slipped right off the bones too so I had to pick through every bite. It's definitely not worth the trouble. Sure crab and lobster are just as big a pain, but tilapia is, at its best, just mild-flavored white fish. There's no real reward at the end.

I do wonder if the flesh would firm up in a way that would make deboning easier if I pan fried it, but it's rather thick for that and I can't imagine it turning out well.

Beyond the fish, I also picked up a couple carambolas and this thing:

That's a Magana mamey sapote. I had never heard of mameys, but according to random people with websites they're popular fruit in Mexico and Cuba that don't get imported into the US much. The online desciptions mention a coconut-like skin, so I figured it was OK that it was rock solid. But when I cut out a test slice, I found it to be far from ripe. And now that I cut it, it'll probably rot instead of ripen. Ah well. The descriptions of a firm creamy texture made me think it would work in cream-less ice cream like bananas do. I may still get to find out.

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