Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ice Cream Experiment # 11 - With other fruit flavors

Most other food blog posts start with some sort of scene setting--a dinner party or a wretchedly hot day requiring a refreshing adult beverage or some such--but mine generally start with background research. In this particular case, research on guava sorbet recipes. Most of them start with guava nectar or frozen guava puree, but I did find one that called for fresh guava which seemed like a decent enough starting point as I had some guavas I had to do something with.

What it didn't mention is that guavas are full of tooth-crackingly hard tiny little seeds. I suppose they might blend out, but I decided to pass it all through a sieve instead.

That took a fair while. At the end, I had guava nectar, but at least mine was 100% guava. Since I had a bit less than a cup of it, I had to see what other fruit I had around to bring it up to a full two cups. I had about a half cup of frozen strawberries I had sprinkled with sugar to draw out the juices. I had a nearly-overripe apririne or nectarcot or some other odd hybrid which I chopped up and tossed in and a quarter cup of frozen pineapple. Then a couple tablespoons of rum, a tablespoon or so of lime juice and a teaspoon of vanilla to finish it off. So, lots of different flavors in there, but I think the guava remains notably on top.

Simple enough at this point. Add all that mess to a cup of water and a 1/4 cup of Splenda/sugar blend, simmer for 15 minutes and blend smooth.

Then chill, churn and freeze. I got a really nice texture this time around.

That's partly from the alcohol in the rum, but also because I've started scraping down the sides of the ice cream machine bucket every few minutes.

You know, other than deciding to add strawberries and then padding it out with every fruit in the house this was actually a pretty boring recipe. Sorry about that. I've got a few more interesting things lined up for coming weeks.

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