Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CSA week 4 wrap-up, week 5 start-up

I talked about the eggplant curry already; What else have I cooked?

There was the squash and chard quiche with ham and leftover herb chicken. Not bad, but nothing special.

There was the Thai basil beef where I reduced the beef to a quarter pound and added pak choi, peppers, onions and cilantro. I managed to stir fry the vegetables to just the right level of tenderness and the basil flavor came through surprisingly assertively given how mild it seemed uncooked.

And there was the chili that started out as a green chili with the jalapeños, tomatillos and more cilantro, but turned at least as much red with the tomato paste and red dried peppers I added. Tasty, but seriously hot. It'll mellow in the freezer over time, I think.

I've still got the cabbage and a little leftover eggplant and squash hanging around, plus plenty of herbs, of course.

Let's see what this week brought:

Pretty much the same as the last couple weeks and so buyer's remorse starts to set in. More squash and the six more packs of the same herbs I've already got (basil, mint, dill, lemongrass, chives and parsley) are the last things I need right now. I'm going to start drying and freezing so they don't go to waste. I had to clean out too many remnants of rotty herbs to make room for this new batch.

Greens are easy enough to find a use for, although I could live without the double dose of salad mix and a head of lettuce. The sugarcane is a useless novelty. But the tomatoes are good to see and those poblano peppers look stuffable which could be interesting.

If I come up with something worth writing about, I'll let you know.

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meow said...

Comparing notes on the CSA: Like you, getting a little bored with the same ingredients over and over. Hope variety starts soon. Have lost to spoilage a few things sooner than I would have thought. Eggplants and basil didn't make it past 4 days. Happy to see eggplant coming again this week as my mouth was prepared for eggplant parmesan. Incorporated several of the herbs in mini meatloaves and sauteed the swiss chard as a side dish. Agree that sugar cane is useless. Tempted to make mint juleps with all the mint. Took yellow squash and zucchini thinly sliced and barely sauteed with butter and thyme to a pot luck. It was well received. Plan to use cabbage in a cilantro slaw to accompany some catfish.