Sunday, May 1, 2011

CSA year wrap-up

Once again I have failed you and brought shame to my family by not cooking anything interesting enough to blog about this week. I've roasted the carrots (yummy dipped in chipotle aoli), pickled the beets (using pre-existing brine. Not fabuluous one day after, but I'll need to give it a couple weeks to really tell how they'll turn out), used the sprouts and chives cold in sesame tofu and hot in duck soup, but none of it is worth more than a line or two to talk about.

The closest to a blogable dish I made was kinpira and that's just thin-sliced carrots stir fried in sesame oil and glazed in soy sauce and mirin. Lovely on a piece of miso-glazed fish, but too simple to post unless I had a huge rigmarole of a story to go with it like the person I stole the recipe from did.

Given all that, probably best to move on to the CSA season wrap-up. I'm not going to go back and review the last 20 weeks of posts so this is just going to be my subjective impression. And my subject impression is that the season went pretty well weather considered. I missed some of the variety we got previous years (beans other than green beans and corn particularly) and sometimes we got not quite enough of what we got, but overall I was happy with what showed up in my half-share.

Part of it, I think, was that I stopped pushing myself to find new uses for everything so I could post three times a week. Relaxing on the blog let me repeat some dishes that I enjoyed having before, although not nearly to the extent that I had planned to do at the season's start.

I cooked some interesting food along the way--the lucuma coconut custard pie was pretty good, the stuffed peppers a good experiment and chicken with grape tomatoes is the only dish whose recipe I routinely have to hand out at work when people smell me reheating it. Nothing as complicated or innovative as previous years, though. I guess that comes from the relaxing mostly, but maybe there was a lack of weird new produce this year. Or maybe not, it looks like I said pretty much the same thing last year.

And, just like last year, I want to clear out my freezer before moving on to Summer cooking plans. To complicate matters, I hope to move to a larger apartment soon which likely means a smaller kitchen (I have kind of an odd set-up here). Whether I sign up for next year's CSA may well depend on how large my new refrigerator is.

I don't think there were any other CSA bloggers this year. Were there any readers? I'd be interested to hear how you thought the season went.


sales said...

Silent reader here. I also missed the corn. I had a lot go to waste this year - everything okay until February when I became pregnant and had to stop cooking (weird symptom of the pregnancy). I loved the carrots in the last share and the beets!

billjac said...

The last share carrots really were a highlight of the year. Congratulations on your really good excuse for wasting your CSA veges.

marian33031 said...

Looks like it was just you and me blogging the CSA this season. All the more reason for us to keep at it.

Yeah, the carrots had character! They were fun to photograph too.

Enjoyed the wide variety of greens and occasional mushrooms. Started pickling and fermenting things toward the end. Made 2 kinds of kimchee, 2 kinds of pickled cukes, and vinegar pickled beets and eggs are still in my frig. Leeks overload. Gave away canistel this year, wasn't in the mood to make pie.

Looking forward to the fruits of summer!