Saturday, April 9, 2011

CSA week 17 wrap-up, week 18 start-up

Another week of low posting, but I did do some cooking worth mentioning.

As I thought I might, I made a kale and turnip gratin. Unfortunately, there was rather more of both than I counted on, and rather less cream and swiss cheese about than I thought. The results weren't fabulous so I decided to try a fix. Digging around, I found some dried mozzarella, a bit of cheddar a fair amount of pecarino romano and, to substitute for the lack of cream, some cream cheese. I disassembled the gratin, mixed all that in and put it back in the oven for a half hour. An improvement, but still more gooey than creamy so less than entirely satisfactory. The next day I attempted to melt the cheese down and dissolve it into a cream sauce by adding a cup of chicken broth and simmering on the stovetop. Instead, the mozzerella seized up into curds the texture of ground beef. Not bad, really. The turnips had gone soft at this point so I mixed in some noodles for texture and a couple beaten eggs to thicken up the sauce and I ended up with an odd but fairly palatable concoction. Too much of a haphazard mess to be worth a post, though.

In contrast, the pork chops in fennel and caper sauce I made was not worth a post because it's already written up quite adequately on It's a Giada de Laurentis recipe that I didn't modify in any notable way. Pretty darn good, though. I do recommend it if you've still got your fennel around.

I bailed on the dill curry I've been talking about, though. I figure that if I've got the ingredients in the house for two weeks and I still haven't made the recipe, then that's a recipe I don't really want to make. And I'm not going to cook something I'm not interested in just for a blog post. Not to please you lot anyway.

On to this week then...

That's callaloo on the right, traded in the extras box for the kale that was in the share. I don't need any more kale. I think I'd like to make mchicha with it again as it turned out quite well the first time.

The green beans I'm going to pickle as the last batch I made turned out great.

For the leeks, I want to do something with a cream sauce. I remember liking a chicken and leeks dish my mom used to make and I haven't done anything using cream with the CSA leeks I've gotten yet.

That squash is the first we've seen in quite some time, isn't it? I know saved some squash recipes for CSA season that I haven't used. I'll have to look one up. I might go with fritters. I could go for fritters.

Potatoes and parsley I'll save until I need them which just leaves the dandelion. Oh, I'll probably have them over pasta in something simple. We haven't had any turnip greens for me to do that with in a while and dandelion should work just as well after a quick blanch.

One final note: I'm going to be out of town next weekend so my half-share is up for grabs. Nobody at work ever wants it when I offer. Do any of you? I use the Coconut Grove pick-up if that makes a difference.


drlindak said...

Thanks for all your posts this season! I always learn something and enjoy following your cooking.I hope next weeks out of town is a vacation and enjoyable. Good luck finding takers on the veggies!

This week I'm going to use EVERYTHING, I think, for once. Today made parsley pesto with thinly frenched green beans with linguine (make this at least once a year when the parsley and beans are delivered together) and a wonderful easy fish chowder with the leeks and potatos. Finely chop the white parts of the leeks, dice potatos, sliver in some fresh corn, cover with water, add some saffron, salt, pepper and boil for about 10 minutes. Add 3/4 pound white fish (Whole Foods sale flounder was delicious) and boil a few more minutes until done. Add about 3 T butter and 3 or more T half and half or cream for the pot. Julienned green leek for garnish and serve with lots of bread. If you used cream it would you could consider it a cream sauce - it comes out much richer than it sounds. But alas, no chicken.

Dandelion green pasta tomorrow, So that just leaves kale and squash... It can be done!

billjac said...

I think you've convinced me to change my plans for the parsley and green beans...actually, you talked me into trying that a little over a year ago. Well, I liked it then; I'll probably like it now too.

I might switch to a fish chowder too, since you mention it. I have got a bunch of generic white fish in the freezer. I think I've got all the ingredients I need for that or a chicken and leeks so I'll just see how the mood strikes.