Saturday, April 2, 2011

CSA week 16 wrap-up, week 17 start-up

Just one recipe post for last week? Sorry about that. There should have been a second, but ice cream is a multi-day process and I got a late start. It was Friday evening by the time I actually ate it in its final form and it seemed pointless to post then. I'll get it up tomorrow. Also, when I went to make the curry I found that half my dill had gone grotty. This week's new batch fills the gap so I'll probably make it tonight. Finally, with the weather heating up the kitchen and my refrigerator full of leftover fried chicken, cooking just didn't seem like a great idea.

On to this week then.

As I said, the dill is going into a curry, if not today, then soon. I was thinking of doing a gratin with the turnips as I've got lots of cheese and just a bit of cream lingering in the refrigreator. That would likely use some of the spring onion and maybe the kale? I did a quick search just now and kale gratin is a thing. Not with turnips generally, but why not?

The grapefruit, I might use for the unusual grapefruit and coconut milk shrip curry I made a couple years ago. I recall it turned out well. Or I might just juice them. I could go for some grapefruit juice.

And finally, the fennel. I have very little experience cooking with fennel and a search turned up many options. I'll have to sort through them to see what appeals.


drlindak said...

What did you do with the fennel?

drlindak said...

Oh sorry, my 2 am brain isn't working. Used mine in an italian style pork dish too.

billjac said...

With the way the pork absorbs the flavors in a fennel and tomato braise, there's a good reason that's a classic part of Italian cuisine. I have no regrets at not doing something more innovative with it.