Saturday, January 8, 2011

CSA week four wrap-up, week five start-up

It's been a little while, but I promised when this season started up that I was going to cook less ambitiously and post more judiciously. Put those together and you get fewer posts. Let's see if there's anything worth mentioning that wasn't worth a full post...
Frizzled breakfast radishes are good as a topping for steak.
I used the clementine to revisit the unsuccessful Szechuan orange chicken I made last year. This time I was scrupulous about de-pithing the skins, but that didn't change the results much. The skins still turned palate-blastingly bitter when cooked. Luckily, the bitterness doesn't spread and I left them in larger pieces this time, so I was able to pick them out (as the original recipe says to do so I don't know why I thought I could do otherwise in the first place). The resulting dish was pretty good, but there were so many other bold flavors that it was hard to tell if the clementine skins had any real effect. There seemed to be a slight citrus edge, but it's nothing a squeeze of orange juice wouldn't more easily accomplish.
I found a very interesting turnip recipe, but it's a main dish so I decided to save it until I had more than a half pound of turnips to use. I didn't do the gratin I was planning either; I made the mistake of shopping at Whole Foods and I don't think they carry cheese that isn't too good (or at least too expensive) to waste melting over turnips. I ended up cooking the turnips pot-sticker style which is a great preparation if you're making them as a side-dish.

I think that's it. On to this week...

Not too much here this time, partially due to the cold weather and partially because I left the lettuce behind and got shorted mustard greens. I should have read the read the newsletter more carefully and checked another box; I do quite like mustard greens.

As for what I do have, there isn't really enough of anything to base a recipe around, except maybe the scallions. I was thinking a quiche for them since I've got some excess eggs at the moment.

I could see pickling the broccoli, but it's really good with pasta too so I might do that.

I ought to find a recipe that uses a whole lot of cilantro too since I've got a supermarket bunch in addition to this one. I've made a parsley salad or two; a cilantro salad should work just as well. The microgreens I found in the extras bin might work well in that.

The green pepper is big enough to stuff and I found instructions that promise better stuffed peppers than the results I've had before so I might give that a try.

The black sapote isn't going to be ripe for a while and I'd like to accumulate a couple more before cooking anything with it.

That leaves the grapefruit. As Margie mentions in the newsletter, they do go well with shrimp. Maybe I'll do something with that.

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