Saturday, January 15, 2011

CSA week five wrap-up, week six start-up

Not a lot of wrapping up to do, really. I had the broccoli with ziti, froze the cilantro (which worked quite well. It's the defrosting that's a problem.), and I'm still waiting for the grapefruit and black sapote to ripen.

In contrast to last week's scanty box, there's lots to deal with this week. Too much considering I'll be traveling for most of it, but I think everything here can hold a little while.

Starting with the greens, there's collards on the left and komatsuna on the right. I've got a ham hock in the freezer so I might cook the collards up Southern-style, but I might shred them and add them to a soup, substituting for kale, instead. Komatsuna is a mid-weight Japanese green that takes well to braising. I haven't cooked Japanese recently so that's a possibility. Add a little miso and sesame, top with a piece of soy-glazed fish and I'm done. I could probably find a way to use the turnips in there too, I think.

The green peppers this week don't have the weak spot on the bottom that kept me from stuffing last week's pepper so I have another chance to cross that off my agenda. I could use to parsley in that dish, I think. There's really not a lot of it there once I've got rid of all those stems.

The baby bok choy you can't really see in the back will make a nice stir fry. There isn't enough to use just them so I'll probably incorporate the green beans too. Oyster sauce complements both vegetables so it should work.

That leaves the curry leaves. All those plans above might change depending on what curry recipes I find to use the leaves in. There's enough here for way too many servings so I'll freeze some too.

That's a whole lot of cooking for not many days, plus last week's fruit and some lĂșcuma I've got. I may end up, if not skipping next week's share, only taking a few selected items from my box.

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