Saturday, December 11, 2010

CSA week two wrap-up, week three start-up

So, what's left unaccounted for from last week? I haven't dealt with the roselle yet, but the plan remains the same--making a tea, reducing it down to a syrup and adding it to iced tea. I did pick up some dried cranberries that I'm going to throw that in too, though.

The yuca I ruined by treated it like potatoes. My standard potato plan is boil them tender and then put them in a low oven for an hour to brown and crisp them up. The yuca came out of the pot tasty but unevenly done. I was hoping the oven would finish off the pieces that were still hard, but everything just shriveled up unpleasantly.

Finally, I did make the scallion bread I mentioned, a north Chinese variety instead of the European sort I originally had in mind. It didn't turn out so well, but the method is pretty interesting so I think I'll save it for its own post. The CSA will be skipping a week soon so I'll need the content.

That brings us to this week:

Three more eggplant to add to the one and a half I have leftover from last week. The best way to use eggplant in bulk is in a lasagna or baked ziti sort of casserole. I should be able to use the dandelion leaves in there as well.

I've also got a leftover cucumber which I think I got for one of the Indonesian callaloo recipes I didn't make. These aren't really the right cucumbers for pickling, but I think most experts agree that the best sort of cucumbers for pickling is too many cucumbers which this certainly is. That should use the dill, but I bought some salmon recently so I might use some with that too.

The turnip is small enough, that it should serve well as a starch with a slab of meat. The turnip tops, as usual, I've already had over pasta for a quick lunch.

That only leaves the citrus. I've got some passion fruit I picked up at the market and I was hoping to pair it with carambolas for a sorbet, but the grapefruit should make an interesting alternative. I'll probably need to use the orange and tangello too to make a reasonably-sized batch.

Oh, and I should mention progress on the CSA Facebook fan page. After Marian and I concluded that that would be the best plan, we discovered that neither of had Facebook accounts, any interest in having one nor the time or expertise to run such a thing. Unless someone else wants to pick up the idea, I think that's where it's going to lie. Ah well.

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