Saturday, April 3, 2010

CSA week 18 start-up

Now then, where were we?

An exceptionally full box this week even without the lettuce and celery that I left behind. My first thought looking at it was that I want to do some pickling. Partially that's because we're getting to the end of the season. Also, I'm all out of storage containers and my freezer is packed full. Pickling is a good way to bypass that problem.

I'd like to take another shot at pickling the green beans, but I found an interesting Sumatran green bean recipe I think I might make instead. I've got a Javanese zucchini recipe to go with it, but I think I've got enough for that and to pickle some. That means my other pickle jar will be filled with either cauliflower or turnips. It depends on the best alternative use I find for one or the other.

A turnip and chard gratin sounds pretty good. Probably use up most of the parsley in that too. I could see going with that. I wonder what cheese would best suit...

There's enough scallions here that I want to make at least one scallion-centric recipe despite the troubles I've had finding a good one in the past. I defintely wouldn't mind making scallion sausage rolls again but I'm going to look for something that would make a better blog post.

The Asian mix I think I'd like to use in a simple stir fry or maybe a soup. I don't recall seeing Asian greens soups. I wonder why. I should look into it.

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