Saturday, March 6, 2010

CSA week 13 wrap-up, week 14 start-up

I only posted about the spinach this week, but I did actually manage to use all of the various greens we got. The komatsuna dish was interesting enough for a blog post, but since I got two posts out of the spinach I'm saving it for Monday. Most of the garlic chives ended up in that dish too.

The turnip tops I used as a pizza topping and the kale I shredded and fried up in pan drippings like I said I was going to a week ago. Some of the turnips went into a batch of chicken stock and most of the rest I pan fried pot-sticker style.

Is that everything? I think that's everything. I've still got a small head of cabbage from a couple weeks back lurking in the crisper drawer, though. I may get around to that this week. I've got a Serbian stuffed cabbage recipe I've been wanting to try.

There's less in the box this week than we've been getting lately, at least with the lettuce left behind, but enough to be the basis for four, maybe five, meals anyway.

I've got a couple recipes for the celery. The coq a vin variation looks more appealing at the moment, but I might go hunting for something else to make. I've found a new appreciation for celery when it's braised so probably something along those lines.

I'd like to make that cream of green bean recipe I passed over for a generic vegetable soup last time we got beans. The bag we got today is small, but I have some left over in the freezer that can suplement.

I took a head of broccoli from the extras bin because I didn't see the second head in my box. Now I've got a little too much. I'll end up separating the crowns and stems for two different recipes, probably pickling one or the other since it's been a while since I've pickled anything. Speaking of which, I never threw out the inedibly over-salty green beans I pickled ineptly last month. I'm going to go check to see if they've improved any...yes they have, but not enough to fix them. Out they go.

The dill is not, I think, going to go into the pickle jar. Pickled cauliflower is better spicy than dilly so broccoli is probably best that way too. Some of it will probably go into the green bean soup, though.

The mizuna I'm not sure about. The idea I had set aside for mizuna is too similar to what I did with the komatsuna so I'll have to head in some other direction. With its stemminess I'd like to avoid cooking it beyond a light steaming. Unless I was going to purée it. A pesto might work.

That leaves the strawberries. Like last week's these are tart enough to prevent me from eating them out of hand. Maybe I'll make jam. That should be incentive to bake some good bread.

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kat said...

This is really making me yearn for growing season up North here