Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week two wrap-up, week three start-up

Not much to wrap up. The black sapotes are still green and the avocado only ripened enough to use today. That leaves a stir fry with half the bok choy (using Guilin chili sauce which was a nice match) and a couple salads using up most of the lettuce. My two-part secret to satisfying dinner salads: a) bacon, b) skip lunch.

So, what have we got this week? There's eggplant and Thai basil which should go together nicely. It's the wrong sort of eggplant for a Thai dish, but I think that's mainly a textural issue, not a flavor one, so close enough.

There's betel leaves. I've found a Vietnamese recipe that uses them with the remaining lemongrass I've got kicking around that I'll probably go with.

The chard I'm thinking will be lovely either with lentils (which I've done before) or chickpeas (which I haven't). Maybe white beans. I've found Chilean and Tunisian recipes that look good.

The cucumber I'll use to make some tzatziki to go with the keftede I made.

The pepper, like last week, will find its way into some recipe. And the tomatoes I'll probably just snack on.

I left the green beans behind since I still have plenty in the freezer. That just leaves the curry leaves I picked out of the extras bin. I'll probably do something Indian with them since I've got those two other southeast Asian recipes lined up. Exactly what I'll figure out later. Since they're extras, I feel a little less obliged to come up with something interesting for them.

That sounds like a plan. But first I've got to deal with the avocado.

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