Monday, September 15, 2008

Bresaola salad

I've been making a habit recently of picking up something I haven't tried or have no particular recipe in mind for during my grocery shopping. Bar hurricane alerts, that's about as exciting as my life gets. On my last visit to Fresh Market I got some bresaola, a salted air-dried aged meat that's essentially the beef equivalent of proscuitto. I was rather hoping that it would match proscuitto's double life: equally good raw in antipasti or fried up as a component in a main dish. But from everything I can find, it's just used in simple salads. This one I made is on the complicated side. A bed of baby greens, a layer of bresaola, capers, peppers, some shreds of Parmesano and a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil. Or you could just wrap it around a piece of cheese and stick it on a crostini. The flavor is a slightly funky version of lunchmeat roast beef which isn't bad I suppose if you're a big fan of lunchmeat roast beef. Now, I understand that the twenty-some dollars per pound I spent is rather a bargain so this is unlikely to be the good stuff (And since my visit to Salumi in Seattle I have entirely new perspective on just what "good stuff" means when it comes to cured meats.) and I would not be at all surprised if the good stuff is sublime. But this isn't. And even if it was, sublime stuff you can't make a complicated recipe with does not a blog post make unless you're touring the factory.

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