Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Still alive

I haven't abandoned the blog, but after coming back from a long weekend I found my replacement refrigerator at 60 degrees so I'm not yet ready to restock and get back to cooking. Once I do, unless I get distracted by some other ideas I intend to explore using unusual grains more and looking through ice cream cookbooks to see what tricks they've found that I haven't figured out on my own.

Also, since I don't have weekly shipments of vegetables to deal with I hope to get out to dinner more so I might start some restaurant reviews. I've noticed that the Miami Beach area is over-covered but there aren't many bloggers looking at restaurants around Miracle Mile where I live so I might be able to contribute something to the discussion.

Anything else I could do that would keep you guys reading in the CSA off season?

1 comment:

rina said...

Bill, I'd read even if you weren't talking about food. :)