Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An ignomious end to my CSA subscription

I had big plans for cooking this week. I even had jotted down a written menu to make sure I had everything covered and all the ingredients I need and I never do that. But on Sunday my refrigerator broke down. And not in that nice way where the fan dies at the same time as the actual refrigerating bit so the cold food stays safe in an insulated box while you look for solutions. No, my fan kept running, blowing in warm air and nice defrosting my freezer and bringing my refrigerator into the bacterial-fun zone.

I salvaged most of the produce (along with the cheese, the booze and a few other bottled items I hadn't broken the seals on), but they're slowly wilting in a neighbor's fridge. Everything else I had to trash. There are a few things I could still cook even with my reduced means, but I've been eating the defrosted leftovers from previous weeks' cooking. That seemed like a sensible plan before I wrote it down; Now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll cook something tonight.

I look forward to getting the refrigerator repaired or replaced so I can start anew.

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