Sunday, December 9, 2007

CSA week two - chilled cucumber soup

Using up the last of week two's cucumbers and some more of the dill, I made this cucumber soup with only a few minor changes. I substituted heavy cream for the half and half, mixed in the sour cream instead of dolloping it on top and I threw the whole thing into the ice cream maker.

You can't see it very well in the photo, but the ice cream is a light green with shreds of cucumber and specks of dill and black pepper.

Even if you haven't had cucumber soup before, the result is pretty familiar as it's about the flavor and texture of a typical crudite' dip. If I had used a cup of cream cheese to finish it off, that's what it would have been. Instead, I had to solidify it the hard way. I was hoping for a slightly more exotic experience, but, if I had given it a bit of thought beforehand, I would have realized how it was likely to turn out. Not a bad dish, but not fabulous either.

Here it is served over this week's salad mix and halved cherry tomatoes. I would have included some carrot sticks two if could find any for sale nearby. When spread of toast, the ice cream looks just like a cream cheese spread so the cold kept surprising me with every bite. It was an interesting lunch, not not really a great one, but an interesting one.

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