Sunday, May 30, 2010

A programming note

Those of you in South Florida might be interested to learn that the Food Network spin-off, the imaginatively named Cooking Chanel, will be replacing the Fine Living Network on Comcast channel 122 starting on Monday. I've been looking through their schedule and I see that Mario Batali's and Sara Moulton's shows are returning as are episodes of the original Iron Chef and Julia Child and Company which I think was her series from the late 70's.

Of the new stuff, there are a few shows that look interesting. There's Indian Cooking Made Easy; Personally, I'm never sure I'm doing it right when I venture into Indian cuisine. Everyday Exotic is starting with episodes on Papayas and Mangoes which aren't so exotic around here, but I'm curious on what they'll do with them. Foodography, which looks at the history of various foods is pretty similar to an idea wanted to do back when I worked in TV documentaries. It probably won't be quite the approach I'd have taken, though.

Worth a look if, like me, you're into this sort of stuff and miss it since Food Network has wandered off in other directions.


LaDivaCucina said...

I think they are using the old shows as a cheap way to add content. The Food Network no longer uses chefs for their new shows but lifestyle hosts/hostesses. I think I've heard that some shows I was used to seeing on the BBC and the Australia ABC will be airing there as well.

billjac said...

None of the older shows look to be really trendy so the old recipes should still be perfectly good. So long as it's new to me, it's as good as new, I figure.

LaDivaCucina said...

Well at least the old shows are done by chefs and not someone that can cook just as good as me! haha!