Saturday, February 27, 2010

CSA week 12 wrap-up, week 13 start-up

Oh boy, more greens! Well, that's not entirely fair. I managed to use up all last week's greens in one shot so I wasn't eating them in various preparations all week long (although I have got around a dozen servings saved for later). So all I've got to do is stay away from Cajun and I'll have refreshed my palate.

My first thought is to do a spinach lasagne. Good for the cold weather and handy to keep in the freezer. For the komatsuna (if I don't need it for the lasagne) maybe a Japanese-style soup. The oyster mushrooms could go in either of those. And the sage would make sense with a northern Italian dish like spinach lasagne.

The kale I'll do anything but braise. I'll probably shred and flash-fry it Brazillian-style as a side dish with a chunk of meat. I've got a chicken I've deboned and am going pan-fry whole like I did last November. It should go well with that. Oh, I see I actually suggested using kale back then. Who am I to reject my own advice? The turnips should go nicely with that too.

The garlic chives I want to stir fry. There's not enough here to use them properly, but if I make a small batch I can probably come close. I may end up snipping them into the komatsuna soup instead, though.

That leaves the strawberries. There's absolutely no reason not to eat these out of hand, but I might make ice cream if I can think of some clever variation. I think I've still got that little bottle of lavender extract. That might be nice.

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