Saturday, April 4, 2009

CSA week 18 start-up

Nothing much to wrap up for week 17. I tried to reproduce the hindbeh bil zayt with the daikon tops to see if it was the dandelions or the method that made it taste so good, but I couldn't resist tweaking it so much that I couldn't make a fair comparison in the end. And daikon tops aren't really your first choice as greens go so maybe not a fair comparison even if I did do it straight.

As for this week, I'm heading out of state on Monday for a week visiting family so I tried to take from my share only what I could use right away or freeze. I ended up taking most everything anyway.

The carrots and the beets can sit in the back of the refrigerator for a while without degrading much if I remove the tops. Same goes from the spring onion, I think. The squash should freeze well; I defrosted some zucchini this week and it seemed just fine. In my experience green pepper gets mushy when frozen and defrosted, but I've never really done it in the proper way so it's still worth a shot.

I left the carrot tops and the parsley in the extras bin. so that leaves the beet and onion tops and the tomatoes. That should make a good pizza topping, I think. I need to go buy some mozzarella.

Further on my trip, I'm not sure if I'll be able to post anything or have anything much to post about. I'm generally kicked out of the kitchen for Passover dinner, but I might be put in charge of dessert. We do the kosher for Passover thing, but not the meat and dairy thing so a mousse is a good choice. Maybe I'll write up my mom's chopped liver; I'd like to at least have the recipe for myself.

Also, I'm getting back too late on Saturday to pick up my share and I can't find anyone who wants it. So if you can find it a good home and you can come by the 24th street pick-up point to get it, please let me know.

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Have a great trip.