Saturday, February 21, 2009

CSA week 11 wrap-up, week 12 start-up

Week 11 was an all or nothing week for me. Either I cooked something elaborate or I ate instant ramen and lousy frozen pizza. I don't know why I thought buying Kashi pizza was a good idea even if it was on sale. Of course it doesn't take good; tasting good isn't the point.

That means I've still got a whole lot of potatoes and radishes, an under-ripe avocado and a starfruit. The starfruit I have sorbet-related plans for, but otherwise I've got nothing much.

And that goes for this week's share, too. I'm just not feeling terribly inspired today so I'll keep this brief. That's callaloo in the upper left corner; I'm thinking of making a calalloo and shrimp soup with the pink shrimp I picked up at the farmer's market.

Below that is green beans. I haven't make Szechuan green beans in quite a while and few of the other preparations I've tried have been as good so I may well make that. Maybe crossing it with ma po tofu for a slightly different flavor profile.

The canistels will sit around this week waiting to ripen. I want to experiment with roasting them and then using them in a desert. Earlier I found broiling cut their sweetness and firmed them up and I'm curious if that's a reproducible effect. If so, that will make them a lot easier to work with.

Unless some bright ideas occur to me, which they might, I'll make kale chips, eat the strawberries (which you can't quite see above the kale) out of hand, and make a salad or two with the lettuce, tomatoes and some of those leftover radishes.

Like I said, no inspiration. Please feel free to post better ideas in the comments.

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LaDivaCucina said...

Funny, I felt similarly about this weeks share as well. Maybe because it was so "green" heavy and I still have a bad canistel after-taste in my mouth. (shudder!) I'll keep you posted....