Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Abokado review addendum

I didn't look at any Abokado reviews before I wrote my own because I didn't want to be influenced by others' impressions. But afterwards I looked around and found a New Times review by Lee Klein who backs me up on a lot of my points and sums things up better than I did. Lee writes:

"The décor is accessible, comfortable, and utterly soulless. Just like the food."

"...the kitchen's consistently timid hand..."

"...numerous menu items here that seem to have been conceived according to how they read rather than how they taste."

"Why put jalapeño with hamachi? What good can it possibly bring to the fish?"

"Abokado, like other places of its ilk, proves satisfying to a majority of diners by playing things cute and safe."

What satisfaction is to be had came from some heartier main courses and the extensive beverage options so I missed them. Have any of you been to Abokado? What do you think? And if you're an Abokado chef who stumbled on this while ego-surfing please feel free to defend your dishes.

NOTE: a month after I posted this the Miami Herald published a much more positive review of Abokado. Maybe they're improving? Or maybe it all depends on your tastes. I think you'll have to judge for yourself.

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