Saturday, February 9, 2008

CSA farm subscription - week eleven

Hey, no lettuce and no scallions! Sure we got mizuna and spring onions which are close variations, but they're not close enough to get me down.

First up we've got the shiitake mushrooms I was coveting in the whole shares last week. My first impulse is mushroom risotto. Fresh shiitakes and creminis along with dried porcini, all of which I've got on hand, are the ideal combination for the dish. I've got risotto rice in the larder, but I might do a faux-risotto with Israeli couscous instead.

Next is the mizuna. I learned my lesson the last time we got these when I stir fried them and ended up with a bowlful of stems. No, it's raw in a salad or lightly steamed at most for these.

I looked through all of the half shares at my drop off location looking for French breakfast radishes as I really liked them last time, but we only got the round ones. I might still have these raw with bread, salt and butter. I think my scallion bread would be particularly good with them. If they're not good that way, they'll do nicely baked. The tops will work well with pasta of some sort. Last week's greens, the chard, were good with cold sesame noodles so an Italian olive oil sauce isn't the only option here.

The squash I have an urge to stuff. Some sort of harvest dish with bulgar wheat maybe. That would taste better a thousand miles north of here, though. I wonder if I can do a fusion thing with coconut milk and curry spices in the stuffing.

The grape tomatoes are a good incentive to use last week's lettuce in salads if I don't eat them all out of hand first.

This is the first spring onion I've encountered so I don't know what to do with the tops. Mine were not in good shape but some of it still seems edible. The bottom is just an onion, right?

That leaves the citrus, mostly tangerines I think, and the honey. I don't think I'll do anything fancy with the fruit. The honey might go into a honey ice cream. I haven't made any ice cream in a while and it's about time I got back into it. I'll have to think about what flavors would compliment the honey, though.

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